Industry Breakfast Sessions

Sponsored Breakfast sessions will be held from 0745 – 0845hrs on Wednesday 9 August, with breakfast available from 0730hrs.

OCT - It’s more than a pretty picture

  Dr Kuramitsu, Kokura Memorial Hospital and Dr Yamamoto, Teikyo Uni Hospital, Japan

Room:  Meeting Room 2

TAVI Today

Dr Viniyak Bapat, Dr Jim Stewart, Professor Darren Walters

Chairperson:  Associate Professor Martin Ng

Room:  Meeting Room 1

Since 2002 TAVI has evolved from a revolutionary transeptal procedure to a routine Transfemoral approach. Clinicians have continued to explore other options for those not suitable for a Transfemoral approach, determined to minimise complications and improve recovery time.

Dr Viniyak Bapat will provide a contemporary review of clinical practice and procedural techniques of a modern TAVI programme including a review of local alternate access approaches and cases.


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