Friday 3rd August

0945 - 1000

ANZET Opening Ceremony

1000 - 1030

Louis Bernstein Lecture: Management of patients with complex CAD and no surgical options; David Kandzari, USA

1030 - 1100

Morning tea
Exhibition Area

1100 - 1230

Live Cases from Prince Charles Hospital

1230 - 1400

Lunch and Mini Oral Session
Exhibition Area

1400 - 1415

Lecture 2: CTO PCI: why bother? Show me the evidence; Stéphane Rinfret, Canada

1415 - 1500 

ANZET Early Career Research Competition

1500 - 1530

ANZET17 Live Cases: 1 year outcomes

Live Cases from the Fiona Stanley Hospital
Live Cases from the Charles Gardiner Hospital
Live Cases from the  Heart Institute at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles

1530 - 1600

Afternoon tea
Exhibition Area

1600 - 1715

Live Cases from Royal Victoria Hopsital, Belfast

1715 - 1730

Lecture 3: Inaugural ANZET Innovations in Cardiology Lecture: "20 years of OCT"; Ik-Kyung Jang, USA

1730 - 1800

Point/Counterpoint: Angiography and physiology are all you need for PCI
Moderator: Stéphane Rinfret, Canada

Pro; David Kandzari, USA
Con; Ik-Kyung Jang, USA

1800 - 1840

Mini Oral and Poster Session
Exhibition Area

1930 - Late

ANZET Gala Dinner



Saturday 4th August

 0900 - 0915

Lecture 4: TAVI prosthesis - which type for which patient? Julinda Mehilli, Germany

0915 - 1030

Live Cases from Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney

1030 - 1100

Morning tea
Exhibition Area

1100 - 1115

Lecture 5: CT scan workup for transcatheter mitral therapies; Philipp Blanke, Canada

1115 - 1130

Lecture 6: Catheter-based treatment of functional MR - does MitraClip work? Ted Feldman, USA

1130 - 1215

Geoff Mews Memorial Fellows' Prize Abstracts

1215 - 1330

Lunch and Mini Oral Session
Exhibition Area

1330 - 1500

Concurrent wet lab and workshop sessions


Further information regarding the structure and content of these sessions will be released at a alater date.

1500 - 1515 Lecture 7: Endoscopic mitral valve repair; Patrick Perrier, France
1515 - 1545

Point/Counterpoint: Surgical trainees should forget about open valve replacement
Moderator: Julinda Mehilli

Pro; Ted Feldman, USA
Con; Patrick Perier, France

1545 - 1615 Afternoon tea
Exhibition Area
1615 - 1630 Lecture 8: Hamodynamic support for high risk PCI; David Kandzari, USA
1630 - 1740 Live Cases from The Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane

Sunday 5th August

0900 - 1030

Affiliates' Symposium

Planning for this Symposium is well underway. Please check back for the latest updates.


Coronary Symposium

FFR and iFR - the basics; Jamie Layland, VIC

How to use FFR and iFR for serial lesion assessment; Dougal McClean, NZ

Using imaging and physiology to guide left main intervention; Speaker to be announced

Invasive indices to assess the coronary microcirculation; Andy Yong, NSW

Challenging case scenarios in coronary physiology and imaging:
Case 1 - Imaging; Matias Yudi, VIC
Case 2 - Physiology; Peter Psaltis, SA


Structural Symposium

Low-flow, low-gradient aortic stenosis: Now what? Julinda Mehilli, Germany

TAVI CT Masterclass; Philipp Blanke, Canada

Risk of cerebro-vascular events long-term after TAVI; Julinda Mehilli, Germany

Credentialling for TAVI; David Muller, NSW

ACOR TAVI registry. Hows its going to work; Ajay Sinhal, SA

1030 - 1100

Morning tea
Exhibition Area

1100 - 1230

Affiliates' Symposium continued

Planning for this Symposium is well underway. Please check back for the latest updates.


Coronary Symposium continued

Rapid review of the CTO literature from the last year; William Wilson, VIC

How to optimise your antegrade success; Speaker to be announced

Traps to avoid in retrograde CTO PCI; Speaker to be announced

New methods for antegrade dissection re-entry; Stéphane Rinfret, Canada

How to use IVUS to guide CTO procedures; Scott Harding, NZ

CTO PCI in the post CABG patient; Speaker to be announced


Structural Symposium continued

Bicuspid anatomy; Ajay Sinhal, SA

Hostile annulus / coronary protection; David Roy, NSW

Rupturing the surgical ring, are you mad? Speaker to be announced

Mitral valve in valve - step by step; Tony Walton, VIC

Tricuspid valve in valve - step by step; Sanjeevan Pasupati, NZ

Tricuspid case - Tricinch; Rob Gooley, VIC

1230 - 1330 Lunch
Exhibition Area
1330 - 1500

Affiliates' Symposium continued

Planning for this Symposium is well underway. Please check back for the latest updates.


Coronary Symposium continued

Optimal treatment of bifurcations in 2018; Nigel Jepson, NSW

Management of calcified lesions; Speaker to be announced

Mangement of complex PCI in patient with low EF; David Kandzari, USA

How to use OCT to guide complex PCI – step by step; Ik-Kyung Jang, USA

Primary PCI; Rohan Bhagwandeen, NSW

Coronary peforations - do’s and don’ts; James Sapontis, VIC


Structural Symposium continued

The next wave of percutaneous mitral repair devices; Ted Feldman, USA

PFO, what now? Tony Walton, VIC

RDN, is there light at the end of the tunnel? Sharad Shetty, WA

Left atrial appendage occlusion in AF: Current status; Ted Feldman, USA

New interventions for heart failure: The IASD device; David Kaye, VIC

1500 - 1530 Afternoon tea
Exhibition Area
1530 - 1645

My most interesting, instructive, imposing or impressive case

David Kandzari, USA
Stéphane Rinfret, Canada
Ted Feldman, USA
Patrick Perier, France
Ik-Kyung Jang, USA

1645 - 1700 Closing Ceremony

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