Patrick Perier

Herz-und Gefäß-Klinik

Doctor Patrick Perier did his medical study in Paris V University, France. He did his surgical training as an Interne des Hôpitaux de Paris. During his training, Professor Charles Dubost sent him as a research fellow for one year in Loma Linda University, California. There, he worked with Leonard Bailey on a program of heart transplant in baby goats. In 1982 he started his senior residency in Broussais Hospital in the department of Professor Alain Carpentier. He stayed in Broussais Hospital after his training and became member of the staff. There under the guidance of his mentor, he started to build up his interest in mitral valve surgery.

In 1990, he joined the team of the Herz und Gefäß Klinik in Germany to develop mitral valve surgery. Since then either full time or half time he has been a staff member of this institution, where the development of mitral valve surgery was constant and led to the constitution of a “Mitral Group”.

In 2003, he started a program of minimally invasive mitral valve repair, which grew up progressively to become one of the most active program in Germany.

Patrick Perier has been a course Director of the Master of Valve Repair since its foundation in 2002, and has had an active participation in all the Courses that have taken place. 

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