Sponsored Lunch Symposia

Sponsored Lunch sessions will be held on Friday 9 August from 1245 - 1345hrs and Saturday 10 August from 1215 - 1315hrs .  RSVP your lunch attendance when you register.

Friday 9 August

In-hospital management of heart failure: What does good look like?

Speakers: Prof. Rolf Wachter

Panel members: Craig Juergens, Dr. Leighton Kearney, Prof. Andrew Sindone, Dr. Gautum Vaddadi

Chair: Dr. Leighton Kearney

An interactive session where international and Australian experts will discuss the PIONEERHF study results and the importance of optimising heart failure medication during an acute decompensated heart failure event.

Saturday 10 August

Navigating the bumps in the road: Multi-disciplinary perspectives on the long-term management of AF patients

Speakers: Prof Stephen Davis and A/Prof David Eccleston

Chair: Dr Christopher Hammett

The NOACs have been available for over 10 years. The first landmark study for SPAF in NVAF patients, RE-LY was published in year 2009. Since then we have seen a number of RCTs and countless pieces of real world evidence studies published. In 2019, it is timely to pause to re-evaluate our options for anticoagulation in AF through the review of meaningful evidence.
The multi-disciplinary faculty will discuss the latest, most meaningful evidence available for NOACs, highlighting the key considerations we should make when choosing the most appropriate NOAC for each individual AF patient.
This will be a case-based discussion with real world examples showcasing how the initial choice of NOAC could have significant impacts on AF patients in the long term.

Renal denervation – the latest data and trends

Speakers: Dr Sharad Shetty, Perth Cardiovascular Institute and Associate Professor Dominik Linz, Centre for Heart Rhythm Disorders, Royal Adelaide Hospital

To learn about the evolution of the ablation technique with the SPYRAL ablation catheter
To review and discuss the latest data on the SPYRAL HTN ON MED and OFF MED SHAM controlled randomised clinical trials and design of pivotal trials
To appreciate up-to-date information on adherence challenge and the impact of patient choice on treatment options
To explore how renal denervation can impact hypertension management
To gain insight on the impact of renal denervation on atrial fibrillation

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