Workshops and Wet Lab

A new feature of ANZET in 2018 will be practical workshops and a wet lab. These include a workshop featuring intracoronary imaging and one to give hands on experience of infrequently used devices such as coils and snares, as well as rotablator. They will take place on Saturday 4 August, 1330 - 1500hrs.

Places will be limited, particularly for the wet lab, and people wishing to participate are asked to sign up on line during the registration process or by selecting the link in the email that has been sent to existing delegates. 

The wet lab demonstration will run for 90 minutes, and will be streamed live to the auditorium for those who cannot attend in person. The other two workshops will run for 30 minutes and be repeated three times. Please ensure that you select your sessions carefully to avoid clashes. 

Wet lab with Heart Dissection – 1.5 hrs (limited spaces)
Time: 1330 - 1500hrs
Facilitators: Sean Galvin (Cardiothoracic surgeon), Rajesh Nair, Pranesh Jogia, Sanjeevan Pasupati

- Cardiac anatomy overview, right atrium, trans septal puncture
- Left atrium, the left atrial appendage
- Aortic valve anatomy in relation to TAVR

Coronary imaging Workshop: OCT and IVUS virtual workstations (30 mins x3)
Facilitators: Scott Harding, Peter Barlis, Matt Worthley

Session 1: 1330 – 1400hrs
Session 2: 1400 - 1430hrs
Session 3: 1430 - 1500hrs

Come to the imaging workshop for experience of OCT via virtual workstations and for training in IVUS.

Hands-on session: Rotablator, bifurcation, snares, coils and microcatheters (30mins x3)
Facilitators: Bifurcations: Michael Nguyen, Rohan Bhagwandeen, David Smyth. Rotablator and coils: Sidney Lo, Rob Whitbourn, Gerry Wilkins.
Session 1: 1330 – 1400hrs
Session 2: 1400 - 1430hrs
Session 3: 1430 - 1500hrs

This workshop will allow hands-on experience with rotablator, coils, microcatheters and snares. It is a good idea to know how these tools work before you need them in an emergency!

Those who have already registered for the meeting will have received an email to add on these workshops. if you need this resent please contact
New delegates will be able to make a selection during the registration process. Register for the meeting here

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