Friday 2 August, 7:15am - 8:15am



Strike early and strike strong: LDL-C reduction in very high-risk ASCVD patients.

Speakers: Professor Peter Psaltis and Professor Stephen Nicholls


How better understanding HFpEF can help in identifying and treating HFpEF.



Consensus statement for hypertriglyceridemia management: Implementation guide for MACE prevention with a special focus on use of Icosapent Ethyl in the Australia.

Speakers: Adam Nelson, Michael Miller, Dr. Preston Mason, Gemma Figtree

Synopsis: This event will feature an International and Australian panel, discussing the management of high cardiovascular risk patients to ensure optimal outcomes. Despite well-managed LDL cholesterol levels through statins and other novel therapies, elevated triglycerides continue to pose a significant residual risk for atherosclerotic cardiovascular events. Evidence supports the relationship between elevated triglycerides and inflammation, endothelial dysfunction, and an increased risk of heart disease and strokes. In Australia, the management of hyperlipidaemia primarily focuses on lifestyle changes and LDL cholesterol-targeted pharmacological interventions, but there is a need for greater emphasis on identifying patients with elevated triglycerides as a marker of residual risk. Novel treatments such as icosapent ethyl have been approved to reduce cardiovascular risk in patients with elevated triglycerides. This symposium aims to enhance understanding and implementation of lipid management strategies beyond LDL-C management.


Potential risk and impact of viral infections in patients with cardiovascular disease.

Speakers: Professor Tim Tang and A/Prof Pravin Hissaria

Synopsis:  Viral infections can pose a significant risk for older adult patients with underlying cardiovascular disease. Professor Tim Tan will outline the burden of disease of RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) and shingles in those with underlying CVD, and the potential impact they could have on your patients. A/Prof Pravin Hissaria will then discuss age-related decline in immunity and the role of vaccination in helping to protect your adult patients against vaccine preventable diseases. 



Breaking Barriers in HFrEF Care: Implementing New Models for Improved Outcomes


Speakers: Dr Gary Gan, A/Professor Kavitha Muthiah

Synopsis: In this meeting, the speakers will:

  • Discuss models of heart failure care, including current Australian models of care and clinical trial data
  • Present an overview of data supporting use of Entresto as GDMT for HFrEF
  • Explore the importance of rapid optimisation of GDMT for HFrEF
  • Provide an overview of transplantation and end stage heart failure


Why Weight? Transforming weight management with Wegovy® (semaglutide 2.4mg)*

Speakers: Prof Pam Taub and A/Prof Melissa Leung

Chair: Prof Gerald Watts

Synopsis: Obesity can lead to the development of CVD and CVD mortality independently of other cardiovascular risk factors. Hear from a panel of local and international experts including Prof Pam Taub Cardiologist and Professor of Medicine at UC San Diego, alongside A/Prof Melissa Leung & Prof Gerald Watts as they discuss patient cases and share their clinical experience and practical tips on optimising the use of GLP-1RAs in managing overweight or obesity in patients with CVD.



VYNDAMAX and ATTR-CM: What Cardiologist need to know.





Friday 2 August, 12:35pm - 1:35pm



Cardiac myosin inhibition in HCM: Translating theory to practice

Speakers: Antonis Pantazis (UK), Dr Liz Paratz

Chair: John Atherton


What is your role in preventing the impact of viral infection through vaccination?

Synopsis: It is well established that vaccine-preventable disease can cause a significant burden in patients with underlying cardiovascular disease, often having a far greater impact than on patients without CVD. So how do you play a role in the prevention of these diseases in your adult patients? A panel of cardiologists will discuss whether vaccination has a place in cardiology, what that might look like, and how you can best help protect your patients from these diseases.



Unlocking the Potential of Leqvio (inclisiran): A Masterclass with Prof Kausik Ray and Prof Stephen Nicholls

Speakers: Prof Kausik Ray, Prof Stephen Nicholls

Synopsis: This meeting will focus on the significance of LDL-C management in clinical practice and the potential of LEQVIO to enhance current lipid-lowering strategies. In addition to highlighting the ORION data for LEQVIO, the meeting will present findings from ORION-8. It will also introduce VictORION-ASCERTAIN, a novel model of care study designed to manage high CV risk patients in the Australian primary care setting.