Geoff Mews Memorial Fellows’ Prize

The Geoff Mews Prize is awarded for the best clinical case presented at ANZET. Any interventional fellow or senior registrar directly involved in the case can submit an abstract for consideration of presentation. The abstract should be a clinical interventional cardiology case, which can be coronary or structural. Abstracts are marked and three are accepted for presentation on the basis of: illustration of key learning point(s) gained from the clinical case and, the quality and interest of the clinical case itself. The winner will be determined by the above in addition to the quality of the oral presentation, the fellow/senior registrar’s involvement in the case and, the ability to answer questions from the moderators and the audience.

Courtesy of the ANZET Organising Committee, the winner will receive

  • a Travelling Scholarship to the next Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) meeting which will include return economy class airfares, accommodation, and registration.
  • Opportunity to present a case at TCT
  • Opportunity to publish your case in Heart, Lung and Circulation


Submissions for the Geoff Mews Memorial ANZET Fellows’ Prize close on Friday 13 November 2020.

About the Geoff Mews Memorial ANZET Fellows’ Prize

The ANZET Executive Committee is pleased to rename the Fellows Prize in memory of Geoff Mews. Geoffrey (Geoff) Mews was a pioneer of interventional cardiology in Australasia and a mentor for many of the current leaders in the field. He trained initially in Perth, WA then did a cardiology fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, USA, before returning to Perth in the late 1970s. As one of the earliest adopters of percutaneous coronary intervention in the region, he was innovative and technically skilled, but he was also a highly motivated advocate for his patients. His important role as an inspirational teacher is remembered in this ANZET fellowship.

Previous ANZET Fellows' Prize Winners

  • 2009 Aniket Puri
  • 2010 Jamie Layland
  • 2011 Alexander Incarni
  • 2012 Peter Haworth
  • 2013 Michael Liang
  • 2014 Roshan Prakash
  • 2015 Elizabeth Shaw
  • 2016 Kaleab Asrress
  • 2017 Abdul Rahman Ihdayhid
  • 2018 Ben Wilkins
  • 2019 Pankaj Jain

2019 winner, Pankaj Jain with Alan Yeung   

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